New Year’s Grateful Journalling

I am happy to see this Christmas cactus flowering so well. I inherited it and knew it in my childhood in Cornwall.  For a few years it was failing on this windowsill. I had to diagnose a condition chop it up and repot it. 

The cheery fairy has its legs sewn on backwards and Lucy selected it to give me for Christmas. I have given her a strange clay duck made by one of the children at school more than thirty years ago. I thought the fairy with a positive expression on her face would enjoy an interesting ride into the future. I am not going to put her away, she is such a good thing to see on the way up and down the stairs and reminds me that I am grateful to have legs that are the right way round.

Published by marycane

A PhD student at the Elphinstone Institute Aberdeen Scotland. I am studying the experience of being a contemporary grandmother. In particular I am interested in how those grandmothers, whose family live far away, are passing on their family history.

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