Grandma likes Saffron Cake

When I approach family history writing, like many people I am phased by the enormity of the task, and the question of what will treasured after I am gone.  Developing the strategy of thinking about a little moment has been useful. It usually leads to something else, which fleshes out the tiny memory and sets itContinue reading “Grandma likes Saffron Cake”

The Odyssey Years and an Active Old Age

David Brooks in his essay ‘The Odyssey Years’ describes the usual four familiar life stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. To this he says two have been added in the last generation. I suggest that both have resonances and relevance for us the grandmother.  One is the active old age from which we areContinue reading “The Odyssey Years and an Active Old Age”

Grandma’s got her Green Skirt on

Gendered Language:  A review of past and current thinking. (The Long Read) Answering the questions: Why does grandma do so much of the family remembering? Why does grandma make such oblique requests? By asking my contributors about their grandmothers as well as their mothers and themselves, the timescale of my research spans the whole ofContinue reading “Grandma’s got her Green Skirt on”

Riddle: Why is Grandma Faraway like a Killer Whale?

Blog Post 11 Let’s talk about the Menopause. For most of us grandmas, it will be a dim and distant memory.  Our breeding phase is even longer ago, and some of us feel a little redundant now, especially when our families live independently far away. But in the paper this week, there was a headline:Continue reading “Riddle: Why is Grandma Faraway like a Killer Whale?”