Grandma Finds Herself in a Double Bind

Blog Post 10 In ‘Through the Looking Glass’ the gnat tells Alice about the bread-and-butterfly. With wings made from thin slices of bread and butter, its body is a crust and its head is made of a lump of sugar. It lives on weak tea with cream in it. Alice is perplexed at the difficulty.Continue reading “Grandma Finds Herself in a Double Bind”

Comics for 1960s Girls

Blog Post 9. Comics as they appeared in the 20th century newspapers, were cartoony and funny, hence the term Comic. (Comix are the underground version). They progressed into cartoon stories such as Tin-Tin, and Asterix. After the war there was a proliferation of weekly magazines in cartoon format. With the help of Google I can tellContinue reading “Comics for 1960s Girls”

New Pathways:

Blog Post Seven. The beginning of the Research. At the Ethnology and Folklore Department (Elphinstone Institute) of Aberdeen University, I have been looking at the experience of grandmothers today, especially those who live far away from their grandchildren. The methodology I am using is empirical, through interviews, and their subsequent analysis. My subject group areContinue reading “New Pathways:”

‘You are not born a woman, you become one’.

(Simone de Beauvoir) So there I was in 1973 aged twenty-one, ready to steer my way through my womanly journey of life, tiller in hand. I was practical, Chris was kind and funny. I could make jam or a dress and with Chris helping, I even made children. He worked onshore in Cornwall as aContinue reading “‘You are not born a woman, you become one’.”

1967 The Summer of Love: How was it for you?

I was brought up in a small farming village of East Cornwall, two younger brothers, a farmer Dad and farmer/Girl Guide captain Mum. We had a telephone, because all farms needed them, and my Mum could drive a tractor and a car having been to University after the war to study Agriculture having enjoyed beingContinue reading “1967 The Summer of Love: How was it for you?”

Mapping the Grandma Territory

We may not have realised it, but those of us born after the second world war, the baby boomer generation, had many advantages never known before. We had parents who survived the war. The newly formed N.H.S. meant health care was free, and antibiotics kept us healthy. We were inoculated against polio and TB.  We mayContinue reading “Mapping the Grandma Territory”

Shining a Light on Grandma

Looking at the historic, social, and family issues of the contemporary grandmother experience. ‘Grandmothers are not just for Christmas.’ When my parents were in their eighties, my husband Chris and I, took them on holidays, to places we knew would intrigue them. They were farmers and had always been interested in local heritage, family historiesContinue reading “Shining a Light on Grandma”